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Supervised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People's Republic of China Sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology Editor-in-chief Yu Zhou ISSNISSN 1005-9113 CNCN 23-1378/T


被引频次排行 100

1、 The Stability of Runge-Kutta Methods for Systems of Delay Differential Equations   被引用次数(1)
王晓彪,刘明珠 1996年第0卷, 第1期:~
2、 Structure reliability analysis based on supercavity vehicle steady motion   被引用次数(1)
TIAN Guang-ping,AN Wei-guang,ZHOU Ling 2009年第16卷, 第2期:251~254
3、 Experimental research on mechanical properties of prestressed truss concrete composite beam encased with circular steel tube   被引用次数(1)
张博一,郑文忠 2009年第16卷, 第3期:338~345
4、 Fast matching pursuit for traffic images using differential evolution   被引用次数(1)
封晓强,何铁军 2010年第17卷, 第2期:193~198
5、 Analysis of sEMG signal for KOA classification   被引用次数(1)
李玉榕,廖志伟,杜民 2011年第18卷, 第6期:113~119
6、 Rigid-Flexible Coupling Dynamic Analysis of Sub-Launched Vehicle During the Vertical Tube-Exit Stage   被引用次数(1)
Weiyao Zhang,Jingbo Gao,Cong Wang 2015年第22卷, 第2期:26~33
7、 Effect of Quenching Parameters on Mechanical Property of Ultra High Strength Steel BR1500HS Based on Response Surface Methodology   被引用次数(1)
Jie Zhou,Zhi-Yong Huang,Lei Lin,Shi-Yun Li 2014年第0卷, 第2期:103~112
8、 Review: Natural Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries   被引用次数(0)
Xuewei Fu,Yu Wang,Louis Scudiero,Weihong Zhong 2018年第25卷, 第1期:1~17
9、 Analysis on Biological Stability and Influencing Factors of Northern Living District Water Distribution System   被引用次数(0)
Xinyu Zhang,Ying Fu 2018年第25卷, 第1期:85~92
10、 Active Disturbance Rejection Control for a Multiple-Flexible-Link Manipulator   被引用次数(0)
Yanfang Liu,Hong Liu,Yao Meng 2018年第25卷, 第1期:18~28
11、 A Practical Strategy of Unbalance Identification and Correction for2-DOF Precision Centrifuges   被引用次数(0)
Xin Huo,Shuangpeng Zheng,Yu Yao,Weishan Chen 2018年第25卷, 第1期:29~38
12、 Weighted Self-Adaptive Threshold Wavelets for Interpolation Point Selection Used in Interconnect MOR   被引用次数(0)
Xinsheng Wang,Mingyan Yu 2018年第25卷, 第1期:39~45
13、 On Locating Numbers of Graphs   被引用次数(0)
Baogen Xu,Chunhua Li,Zhizhu Fan 2018年第25卷, 第1期:93~96
14、 POD Analysis and Low-Dimensional Model Based on POD-Galerkin for Two-Dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard Convection   被引用次数(0)
Xinwu Zhao,Hongyan Huang 2018年第25卷, 第1期:46~56
15、 Prediction of Potential Disease-Associated MicroRNAs Based on Hidden Conditional Random Field   被引用次数(0)
Maozu Guo,Shuang Cheng,Chunyu Wang,Xiaoyan Liu,Yang Liu 2018年第25卷, 第1期:57~66
16、 POD Analysis and Low-Dimensional Model Based on POD-Galerkin for Two-Dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard Convection   被引用次数(0)
Hanghang M,Xin Zheng,Yue Wang,Jianping Chen,Hongna Zhang,Weihua Cai 2018年第25卷, 第1期:67~78
17、 Effect of Surface Nanocrystallization on Cr-Rare Earth-Boriding for Steel Q235 at Low-Temperature   被引用次数(0)
Xingdong Yuan,Xiaojie Yang,Feng Tian,Bin Xu 2018年第25卷, 第1期:79~84
18、 Review:Application of the CALPHAD Approach and First-Principles Calculations to Electrode Materials in Li Ion Batteries   被引用次数(0)
Jianchuan Wang,Keke Chang,Yong Du,Fan Zhang,Shuhong Liu,Yiwei Li 2018年第25卷, 第2期:1~17
19、 Improved Ship Target Detection Accuracy in SAR Image Based on Modified CFAR Algorithm   被引用次数(0)
Yong Wang,Tianjiao Guo 2018年第25卷, 第2期:18~23
20、 An Optimization Method for a Single Machine Multi-family Scheduling Problem with Qualification Run Constraints   被引用次数(0)
Binghai Zhou,Jiaying Gu 2018年第25卷, 第2期:24~32
21、 A Novel Tri-band GPS/WLAN Antenna for Tablet with Full Metal Housing   被引用次数(0)
Xiaojun Tang,Peng Chen,Jianlan Wu,Ping Wang,Hao Wang,Guangli Yang 2018年第25卷, 第2期:33~40
22、 Modeling of Geometric Variations Within Three-Dimensional Tolerance Zones   被引用次数(0)
Heping Peng,Wenlong Lu 2018年第25卷, 第2期:41~49
23、 Dynamic Analysis of Fractional-Order Memristive Chaotic System   被引用次数(0)
Dawei Ding,Shujia Li,Nian Wang 2018年第25卷, 第2期:50~58
24、 Comprehensive Assessment of Pilot Mental Workload in Various Levels   被引用次数(0)
Kun Yang,Cuanyan Feng,Jie Bai 2018年第25卷, 第2期:59~74
25、 Effect of Different Connectors on Concrete Composite Box-Girders with Corrugated Steel Webs   被引用次数(0)
Yanqiu Lu 2018年第25卷, 第2期:75~84
26、 Design and Testing of a Novel Passive Isolator for a Space Optical Payload   被引用次数(0)
Jianfeng Yang,Chuangmian Huang,Yuanhang Wang,Kai Li 2018年第25卷, 第2期:85~96
27、 Moving least squares-based multi-functional sensing technique or estimating viscosity and density of ternary solution   被引用次数(0)
LIU Dan,WEI Guo,SUN Jin-wei,LIU Xin 2009年第16卷, 第4期:~
28、 Comparative study on photocatalytic properties of TiO_2 nanoparticles prepared in acidic medium and basic medium by hydrothermal method   被引用次数(0)
XIN Bai-fu,LI Li,WANG Peng 2009年第16卷, 第5期:~
29、 Effect of inorganic additives on physical and chemical properties of PEO-LiCIO_4 polymer electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries   被引用次数(0)
GU Da-ming,LI Yi-cai,YANG Liu,WANG Shu-tang 2009年第16卷, 第6期:~
30、 Degradation of p-nitrotoluene by 03/H2 02 process and oxidation mechanism   被引用次数(0)
YU Ying-hui,MA Jun,HOU Yan-jun,GAO Jin-sheng 2009年第16卷, 第1期:~
31、 Effect of crack face contact on dynamic stress intensity factors for a hole-edge crack   被引用次数(0)
盖秉政,王立清 2009年第16卷, 第2期:194~197
32、 Axial compressive behaviors of partial deteriorated strength concrete columns confined with CFRP   被引用次数(0)
WEI Hua,WU Zhi-min,GUO Xia 2010年第17卷, 第3期:~
33、 Promotion effect of KOH on preparation of dissolved Fe (VI)   被引用次数(0)
ZHANG Yan-ping,XU Guo-ren,LI Gui-bai 2010年第17卷, 第1期:~
34、 Influence of coexisting substances on the photodegradation behaviors of 17α-ethinylestradiol (EE<sub>2</sub>) in the UV/H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> process   被引用次数(0)
张照韩,冯玉杰,王鲁,刘雨,任南琪 2011年第0卷, 第5期:31~36
35、 Optimal power allocation for a video layered multicasting relay strategy in cellular system   被引用次数(0)
WANG Cheng-jin , LI Yi , ZHANG Lin , JI Hong 2011年第18卷, 第6期:~
36、 Simulations of electron energy distribution of Pd-like Xe system based on OFI   被引用次数(0)
夏元钦,卢发铭,陈德应,张盛,赵卫疆,王骐 2011年第18卷, 第1期:138~140
37、 Prediction of Restriction Width of Carcass by Belts for Radial Tires: Theory, Experiment and Simulation   被引用次数(0)
Youshan Wang,Zhibo Cui,Jian Wu,Benlong Su,Zhengong Zhou 2016年第23卷, 第4期:1~7
38、 The Performance Analysis for Distributed Collaborative Beamforming Transmission of Clustered Mobile Sensor Network   被引用次数(0)
Fangyuan Yu,Dezhi Li,Qing Guo,Bo Zeng,Zhenyong Wang 2016年第23卷, 第4期:8~14
39、 Comparison of Geotextiles by Aeration Vacuum Rapid Dewatering Technique on Dredged Sludge   被引用次数(0)
Yuan Zhou,Jie Bian,Hui Tao,Jingming Xu 2016年第23卷, 第4期:22~26
40、 LSSVM Predictive Control for Calcination Zone Temperature in Rotary Kiln with IHS Algorithm   被引用次数(0)
Zhongda Tian,Shujiang Li,Yanhong Wang,Xiangdong Wang 2016年第23卷, 第4期:67~74
41、 High Efficient Removal of Trace Molybdenum from Water by FeCl<sub>3</sub>: Effects of pH and Affecting Factors in the Presence of Co-existing Background Constituents   被引用次数(0)
Xiang Zhang,Jun M,Xixin Lu,Xiaoliu Huangfu,Jing Zou 2016年第23卷, 第4期:75~83
42、 Multi-Dimensional Pedestrian System on the New Campus of University of Macau   被引用次数(0)
Jun Huang,Yan Lin 2016年第23卷, 第4期:84~90
43、 Study on the Form Factor Estimation Method of High-Speed Catamaran with Asymmetrical Hulls   被引用次数(0)
Chongjian Zhou,Cungen Liu,Xuefeng Wang,Zelin Dai 2016年第23卷, 第4期:91~96
44、 Process Modeling and Control Simulation for a 500W@4.5K Helium Refrigerator   被引用次数(0)
Xiaofei Lu,Zhiwei Zhou,Ming Zhuang,Lilong Qiu 2016年第23卷, 第4期:15~21
45、 Construct Protein-Protein Interaction Network by Mining Domain-Domain Interactions   被引用次数(0)
Zhixia Teng,Maozu Guo,Xiaoyan Liu,Jin Li,Qiguo Dai,Chunyu Wang 2016年第23卷, 第4期:27~36
46、 Sequential Time-of-Flight: Localization of Mobile Robots with Single Receiver   被引用次数(0)
Wentao Liu,Mingrui Lv,Yang Luo 2016年第23卷, 第4期:37~43
47、 Dynamic Characteristics of Double-Helical Planetary Gear Sets Under Time-Varying Mesh Stiffness   被引用次数(0)
He Lin,Sanmin Wang,Earl H. Dowell,Jincheng Dong,Cong Ma 2016年第23卷, 第4期:44~51
48、 Effect of Nb on the Microstructure and Properties of Cold Rolled and Annealed Mo Microalloyed Bainitic Steel   被引用次数(0)
Yi Zhang,Guang Xu,Li Wang,Yaowen Xu,Zhengliang Xue 2016年第23卷, 第4期:52~58
49、 The Calculations of 3-Dimensional Ising Model of Finite Width   被引用次数(0)
Bin Cao,Wei Yang,Chunxiang Cui 2016年第23卷, 第4期:59~66
50、 Computational Analyses of Cavitating Flows in Cryogenic Liquid Hydrogen   被引用次数(0)
Tiezhi Sun,Yingjie Wei,Cong Wang 2016年第23卷, 第5期:1~7
51、 An Event-Triggered Energy-Efficient Clustering in Collaborative Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks   被引用次数(0)
Jianxin M,Shuo Shi,Si Tian,Xuemai Gu 2016年第23卷, 第5期:8~14
52、 Mixed H<sub>2</sub>/H<sub>∞</sub> State Feedback Attitude Control of Microsatellite Based on Extended LMI Method   被引用次数(0)
Keke Shi,Chuang Liu,Feng Wang,Zhaowei Sun 2016年第23卷, 第5期:15~22
53、 A Fast Approach for Time Optimal and Smooth Trajectory Planning of Robot Manipulators   被引用次数(0)
Gang Liu,Chao Yun 2016年第23卷, 第5期:23~31
54、 Reliability Distribution of Numerical Control Lathe Based on Correlation Analysis   被引用次数(0)
Xiaoyan Qi,Guixiang Shen,Yingzhi Zhang,Shuguang Sun,Bingkun Chen 2016年第23卷, 第5期:32~38
55、 Low Distortion Quick Response Noise Filter Realized with Average Peaks Method   被引用次数(0)
Lei Liu,Jianyue Ren,Ko-Wen Jwo,Yu Zhang,Xianfeng Li 2016年第23卷, 第5期:39~44
56、 Type Synthesis of fully-Decoupled 2T2R Parallel Mechanisms Based on Driven-Chain Principle   被引用次数(0)
Yi Cao,Hai Chen,Youlei Qin,Shuyi Ge 2016年第23卷, 第5期:45~52
57、 A Forward-Secure Multi-Receiver Signcryption Scheme   被引用次数(0)
Zhimin Yu,Zhengjun Jing,Hua Yang 2016年第23卷, 第5期:53~61
58、 Effect of Co-substrate on Degradation of Benzothiazole in MEC   被引用次数(0)
Huandi Huang,Jie Ding,Xianshu Liu,Guojun Xie,Dihui Song 2016年第23卷, 第5期:62~68
59、 Isolation, Identification of Bacillus Thuringiensis/Cereus and Its Enhancement on Protein Wastewater Treatment by Rhodobacter Sphaeroides   被引用次数(0)
Shuli Liu,Guangming Zhang 2016年第23卷, 第5期:69~75
60、 Effect of Kelp Residue Microbial Fertilizer on Eco-Control Peanut Pathogenic Fungus Aspergillus Parasiticus 1   被引用次数(0)
Wei Xiao,Peisheng Yan 2016年第23卷, 第5期:76~81
61、 Mass-Spring-Damper Model with Steady State Parameters for Predicting the Movement of Liquid Column and Temperature Oscillation in Loop Heat Pipe   被引用次数(0)
Ge Zhang,Di Chen,Yingying Hong 2016年第23卷, 第5期:82~89
62、 Analysis Method of Transient Temperature Field for Fuel Tank of High-Altitude Large UAV   被引用次数(0)
Qing Ai,Liang Chen,Xiaojing Xu,Shiyu Liu,Zhenwen Hu,Xinlin Xia 2016年第23卷, 第6期:41~46
63、 Advances in Educational Data Mining Models and the Application of Its Algorithms   被引用次数(0)
Chi Zhang,Huan Yan,Ying Fu,Guofeng Han,Fan Feng 2016年第23卷, 第6期:32~40
64、 Analysis of Extension Categorical Data Mining Process for the Extension Interior Designing   被引用次数(0)
Hui M,Guangtian Zou 2016年第23卷, 第6期:26~31
65、 Non-stationary Buffeting Response Analysis of Long Span Suspension Bridge Under Strong Wind Loading   被引用次数(0)
Wenfeng Huang,Kongqing Zou 2016年第23卷, 第6期:9~16
66、 Engineering Characteristics of Ground Vibration Caused by Blasting Demolition of Urban Viaducts   被引用次数(0)
Jinjun Hu,Yongqiang Yang,Yingjun Guan 2016年第23卷, 第6期:17~25
67、 Optimal Nonlinear Distance Toll for Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing Considering Equity Issue   被引用次数(0)
Xin Sun,Di Huang,Qixiu Cheng 2016年第23卷, 第6期:73~79
68、 TMT Tertiary Mirror Optical Jitter Model Metrology   被引用次数(0)
Qichang An,Jingxu Zhang,Fei Yang,Hongchao Zhao 2016年第23卷, 第6期:67~72
69、 Model-free Adaptive Control for Spacecraft Attitude   被引用次数(0)
Ran Xie,Ting Song,Peng Shi,Yushan Zhao 2016年第23卷, 第6期:61~66
70、 Design of Sixth-Order Lowpass Elliptic Switched-Capacitor Filter   被引用次数(0)
Dong Yan,Liang Yin,Xiaowei Liu,Wenning Jiang,Qiuye Lv 2016年第23卷, 第6期:47~53
71、 Hopf Bifurcation Research of Hydraulic Turbine Governing System with a Saturation Nonlinearity   被引用次数(0)
Qijuan Chen,Haifeng Guo,Junyi Li 2016年第23卷, 第6期:54~60
72、 An Improved Stator Flux Observation Method of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor   被引用次数(0)
Guangjing Su,Hongmei Li,Ying Dai,Zheng Li 2016年第23卷, 第6期:90~96
73、 Constitutive Laws for Visco-plastic Porous Medium Shaped by Regularly Distributed Circular Particles   被引用次数(0)
Yunzhu Cai,Huaicui Li 2016年第23卷, 第6期:1~8
74、 Two Network Structure Indicators for Conventional Public Transit   被引用次数(0)
Min Fu,Hao Wang,Wei Wang,Sida Luo,De Zhao 2016年第23卷, 第5期:90~96
75、 Description of the Cover Picture   被引用次数(0)
2016年第0卷, 第4期:36~
76、 Instructions for authors   被引用次数(0)
2016年第0卷, 第4期:97~
77、 A New 3D Wireless Directional Sensing Model and Coverage Enhancement Algorithm   被引用次数(0)
Xiaojun Bi,Pengfei Diao 2016年第23卷, 第1期:41~45
78、 Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Spray Characteristics of New-Type Air-Assist Nozzle   被引用次数(0)
Kun Liu,Yonggang Yu,Na Zhao 2016年第23卷, 第1期:34~40
79、 Symbol Reference Model of Desired Yaw Angle for Automated Lane Changing Behavior of Vehicle   被引用次数(0)
Dianbo Ren,Guanzhe Zhang,Hangzhe Wu 2016年第23卷, 第1期:23~33
80、 Trajectory Simulation for Underwater Vehicle with Power-Lunched   被引用次数(0)
Chaoqian Chen,Wei Cao,Cong Wang,Yingjie Wei 2016年第23卷, 第1期:17~22
81、 Determination of Pressure Profile During Closed-Vessel Test Through CFD Simulation   被引用次数(0)
Ahmed Bougamr,Huilin Lu 2016年第23卷, 第1期:10~16
82、 Parameter Optimization on Experimental Study to Reduce Ammonia Escape in CO<sub>2</sub> Absorption by Ammonia Scrubbing   被引用次数(0)
Hao Leng,Jianmin Gao,Mingyue He,Min Xie,Qian Du,Rui Sun,Shaohua Wu 2016年第23卷, 第1期:75~81
83、 Simulation of Fatigue Stiffness Degradation in Prestressed Concrete Beams under Cyclic Loading   被引用次数(0)
Junqing Lei,Shanshan Cao,Guoshan Xu,Yun Xiao 2016年第23卷, 第1期:67~74
84、 Structural Reliability Analysis for Implicit Performance with Legendre Orthogonal Neural Network Method   被引用次数(0)
Lirong Sh,Tongyu Wang 2016年第23卷, 第1期:60~66
85、 Optimization of Process Parameters for in High-Energy Ball Milling of CNTs/Al2024 Composites Through Response Surface Methodology   被引用次数(0)
Li Guo,Xiaolan Cai,Symbol,Lei Zhou,Cui Hu,Changjiang Yang,Ziyang Wang,Wenzhong Zhang,Gang Peng 2016年第23卷, 第1期:53~59
86、 A Recursive Algorithm for Nonlinear Dynamical System Analysis Based on ADM   被引用次数(0)
Chen Chen,Pingkang Li 2016年第23卷, 第1期:46~52
87、 Effect of C/N Ratio,Temperature,pH on Autotrophic Denitrification Rate with Hydrogen Gas,Iron (II) and Sodium Sulfide as Electron Donors   被引用次数(0)
Junfeng Su,Sicheng Shao,Tinglin Huang,Fang M,Gang Wen,Shengchen Zheng,Kai Zhang 2016年第23卷, 第1期:90~96
88、 A Model for Capacity Considering the Interference by Pedestrian Traffic at Signal Intersections   被引用次数(0)
Yixin Chen,Yulong He,Xiaoduan Sun 2016年第23卷, 第1期:82~89
89、 A Review of Ultrasonic Nano Manipulation Technology   被引用次数(0)
Junhui Hu 2016年第23卷, 第1期:1~9
90、 Instructions for authors   被引用次数(0)
2016年第0卷, 第1期:~
91、 Reference Model of Desired Yaw Angle for Automated Lane Changing Behavior of Vehicle   被引用次数(0)
2016年第0卷, 第1期:~
92、 Comparative Studies on Calculation Methods of Shear Behavior of ReinforcedConcrete Beams of Chinese Modern Reinforced Concrete Buildings   被引用次数(0)
Qing Chun,Koenraad Van Balen,Yidan Han 2016年第23卷, 第2期:1~8
93、 Numerical Simulation for Two-Phase Water Hammer Flows in Pipe by Quasi-Two-Dimensional Model   被引用次数(0)
Tae Uk Jang,Yuebin Wu,Ying Xu,Qiang Sun 2016年第23卷, 第2期:9~15
94、 Determination of Scheduled Travel Time for a Fixed Transit Route Based on Multistate Model   被引用次数(0)
Shukai Chen,Daniel 2016年第23卷, 第2期:16~22
95、 Optimization of Process Parameters for Cracking Prevention of UHSS in Hot Stamping Based on Hammersley Sequence Sampling andBack Propagation Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm Mixed Methods   被引用次数(0)
Menghan Wang,Zongmin Yue,Lie Meng 2016年第23卷, 第2期:31~39
96、 Evaluation Model for Capability of Enterprise Agent Coalition Based on Information Fusion and Attribute Reduction   被引用次数(0)
Dongjun Liu,Li Li,Jiayang Wang 2016年第23卷, 第2期:23~30
97、 Microwave Induced Ethanol Bath Bonding for PMMA Microfluidic Device   被引用次数(0)
Xiaowei Han,Xiaowei Liu,Li Tian,He Zhang,Cuicui Zhuang 2016年第23卷, 第2期:40~45
98、 Elastic Modulus and Stress Analysis of Porous Titanium Parts Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting   被引用次数(0)
Junchao Li,Yanyan Zang,Wei Wang 2016年第23卷, 第2期:46~50
99、 The Dynamical FSI Simulation for Bellows Inflating to Disperse Bomblets   被引用次数(0)
Cheng Zhang,Huijun Ning,Kun Jiang 2016年第23卷, 第2期:51~58
100、 A Scheme of sEMG Feature Extraction for Improving Myoelectric Pattern Recognition   被引用次数(0)
Shuai Ding,Liang Wang 2016年第23卷, 第2期:59~65