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Supervised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People''s Republic of China Sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology Editor-in-chief Yu Zhou ISSNISSN 1005-9113 CNCN 23-1378/T

Related citation:Jin Cheng,Mingsai Xu,Zhengrong Chen.A Fuzzy Logic-Based Method for Risk Assessment of Bridges during Construction[J].Journal of Harbin Institute Of Technology(New Series),2019,26(1):1-10.DOI:10.11916/j.issn.1005-9113.18089.
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A Fuzzy Logic-Based Method for Risk Assessment of Bridges during Construction
Jin Cheng1,2, Mingsai Xu2,Zhengrong Chen2
(1. State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China;2. Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China)
There are many potential sources of risks which may cause bridge failures and result in numerous economic and human losses during the construction of bridges. Therefore, risk assessment for bridges during construction should be taken rigorously to avert bridge failures and casualties. This article presents a fuzzy logic-based method which integrates the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) method based on a 3-point scale, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy set theory into a single synthetic method. In this method, the FAHP method based on a 3-point scale was used to identify and rank diverse risk factors, and fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory were used to process inaccurate datasets including non-statistical information. After the concept and procedure of the FAHP method based on a 3-point scale were demonstrated, the proposed fuzzy logic-based method was used to perform risk assessment on the Aizhai Suspension Bridge with a main span length of 1 176 m in China. The results show that the proposed method can more effectively carry out risk assessment of bridges during construction.
Key words:  analytical hierarchy process, risk assessment, fuzzy logic, fuzzy consistent matrix, bridge construction
Clc Number:U44
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(1. 同济大学 土木工程防灾国家重点实验室,上海 200092;

2. 同济大学 桥梁工程系,上海 200092)