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Supervised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People''s Republic of China Sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology Editor-in-chief Yu Zhou ISSNISSN 1005-9113 CNCN 23-1378/T

Related citation:Wensheng Wang,Haojie Wei,Zhonghua Hou,Qun Mei,Yifan Li.Finite Element Model Updating of Complicated Beam-Type Structures Based on Reduced Super Beam Model[J].Journal of Harbin Institute Of Technology(New Series),2019,26(3):68-78.DOI:10.11916/j.issn.1005-9113.17088.
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Finite Element Model Updating of Complicated Beam-Type Structures Based on Reduced Super Beam Model
Wensheng Wang, Haojie Wei, Zhonghua Hou, Qun Mei,Yifan Li
(Department of Engineering Mechanics, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471023,Henan, China)
A finite element model updating technique for complicated beam-type structures is presented in this study. Firstly, a complicated beam-type structure is reduced to a reduced super beam model with a much smaller degree of freedom by using the reduced super beam method, which is based on the classic plane cross-section assumption and displacement interpolation function of beam theory. Then based on the reduced super beam, the analysis of eigensolutions and eigensensitivities from the reduced eigenequation are processed for model updating, which will greatly reduce the computational effort when compared to the traditional model updating methods performed on the global model. Optimization techniques are adopted for updating the difference of modal dynamic properties, resulting in optimal values of the structural parameters. Finally, a complicated stiffened cylindrical shell model and a practical missile structure, served as the illustrative examples, are employed for model updating application, which demonstrate that the reduced super beam-based method is both effective and highly efficient.
Key words:  reduced super beam method  model updating  complicated beam-type structures  eigensolution  eigensensitivity
Clc Number:V214,V414
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(河南科技大学 工程力学系,河南 洛阳 471023)