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Supervised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People''s Republic of China Sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology Editor-in-chief Yu Zhou ISSNISSN 1005-9113 CNCN 23-1378/T

Related citation:Yazheng Li,Hongyan Huang,Zheng Wang,Zhansheng Liu,Guanghui Zhang.Measurement Uncertainty of Blade Surface by Coordinates Measuring Machines in Rotation and Parallel Sampling Modes[J].Journal of Harbin Institute Of Technology(New Series),2019,26(3):14-19.DOI:10.11916/j.issn.1005-9113.17121.
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Measurement Uncertainty of Blade Surface by Coordinates Measuring Machines in Rotation and Parallel Sampling Modes
Yazheng Li, Hongyan Huang, Zheng Wang, Zhansheng Liu,Guanghui Zhang
(School of Energy Science and Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China)
This paper aims to investigate the measurement uncertainty of blade surface by coordinates measuring machines (CMMs) in different sampling modes. Two different sampling methods for the blade surface, which are the parallel mode and the rotation mode, are studied to examine their measurement uncertainty. The fundamental principles and operational processes of the two modes are presented and discussed. The measurements were performed on a twisted-face blade, and data processing was also conducted to fit the cross-section profile both of the base surface and back surface separately. Then the measurement uncertainties of two sampling methods were evaluated on different parts of the blade surface in terms of the surface profile’s curvature and twist rate. It is found that the measurement of blade surface by CMMs shows much uncertainty for both of the sampling modes because of the complexity of the blade surface. The back surface’s measurement uncertainty is larger than that of the base surface. The measurement uncertainty of cross-section profiles on the top blade surface is larger than that of the bottom blade surface. In addition, the difference between the measurement uncertainties of two sampling methods is small, especially for the base blade surface. The research means that both sampling methods can be a practical application choice for the measurement of blade surface by CMMs.
Key words:  CMMs  measurement uncertainty  sampling method  blade
Clc Number:TK241
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(哈尔滨工业大学 能源学院 哈尔滨 150001)